Fortnite adds a new gun for a wick, and a mode of limited time with their last update

users of a Samsung Galaxy S10 can already download the skin-exclusive Fortnite, call iKONIK and is modeled from Jung Chan-woo, also known as Chanwoo, the band of the south Korean iKon. The title Battle Royale, which recently joined a vehicle with the shape of a hamster ball, has just confirmed the arrival of a new gun for a wick, and a mode of limited time with its last update.

via a post on their official blog, the team of Fortnite, which has already launched its Season 8 has released the patch notes V. 8.11, which stands out by the incorporation of a new gun for a wick, and a mode for limited time. The new gun is available in both variants, common and rare, and are located in ankle boots soil.

The user shall calculate the perfect time to push away enemies that are near or at them with this weapon. In addition, the shooter can crouch to avoid the thrust, and the weapon has damage to a short distance: 86/90. Yes, it uses heavy ammunition and you must reload after every shot, with a recharge time of 3 seconds.

Monodisparo, the new mode limited time

With the new update also adds a mode of limited time, titled 19459009]Monodisparo. With a lower severity than normal, players will have the 50% health and they will have to face the rest of the enemies with only the weapons of the shooter, as rifles for hunting, and can only be cured with bandages.

In terms of the Creative Mode, has been added to an Island of black glass and have been corrected a number of errors, as the one that caused the grenades that are thrown from outside of the islands and towards them to apply their effects (such as pushing or effects of fresqueras) to other players and vehicles.

The version of Fortnite for mobile devices has also corrected a number of errors. For example, it has been fixed that bug that caused the full screen mode does not work on Samsung devices S10 and another that prevented the emergence of polls in the game on mobile devices, in addition to some errors related to the stability.

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