ForcePhone, a software that adds 3D Touch to mobile

Android 3D Touch

Researchers from the University of Michigan have created a software really amazing able to add the functionality of 3D touch to the smartphones. The tests are performed by means of sound, which changes in the time in which a person interacts with the device, to analyze the difference between a light touch and one prolonged, as are the technology Force Touch and 3D Touch.

through the guys at PhonesCoop, we heard the news. A piece of news which surprises us and shows once again that the software is able to improve any of the hardware, as we have seen in recent smartwatches.

instalar force touch android

ForcePhone, the software that adds 3D Touch

These Researchers from the University of Michigan have made a great work on this software. What advantages it brings? That does not need anything more than the phone itself to do this, away from sensors, so that it could behave to any smartphone and is much more natural than anything else we’ve seen.

In this way, ForcePhone expands the possibilities of the terminals since then. We could say that we are going to go further than a simple touch Interface, you are getting something important that could be improved still more in the future, such as, for example, the simple act of turning a knob by way of gesture to do something more than what we are used to.

The next month we will know more

By now, we know that we will have more details of this in the next month. However, we do not have plans of when the software will be released to the market.

Are good news since then for most fans of the 3D Touch, which we now know is still close to us approaching heels. It’s good news, and the team has done a great job.

What do you think ForcePhone? Do you think that is the future?

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