Foot Message allows you to use iMessage on Android-easy and safe way

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To date, not had a truly good use iMessage on Android. Yes, it is true that I had taught him how to use iMessage from Android but the method would put at risk the safety of the user.

Now, Foot Message, brings in format open source a project that will enable you to run iMessage from Android. Yes, indeed, for the moment, the project is not finished yet but what is certain is that the program will also run other applications. There are a lot of reasons that things could get out more which will be explained in the following lines but do not not why, it may be what you’re looking for.

How to use iMessage on Android with a Foot Message?

unlike other services, Foot Message use your Mac as a server of messaging. Yes, that will do Foot Message will be to use your PC Mac as a server and send messages through the real service of iMessage so that you will not use an outside platform unsafe for the exchange of information, it will do so directly from your PC.

The method, therefore, is limited and you need to use a Mac. It is perhaps for this reason that those who do not have a Mac and don’t have an iPhone will not be able to use the service, but… what do you need iMessage to a person who has neither a Mac nor an iPhone? to Communicate with the people that have this platform is very easy to get to via other services like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc, The service is intended for all those people who have, for example, a Mac but using an Android as a main phone.

Instalar Pie MessageIn the world of business, especially, people tend to use Mac and iOS for this platform, iMessage, it becomes a safe choice and totally valid to communicate. Yes, as this program depends on OS X to work da door free to Apple to break the system and make the tool unusable at any time, hopefully not.

By the time the service is quite limited. Of time Foot Message allows you to receive group messages but there may be some problems to send messages. In addition, Apple, as we have already commented, you can decide if the tool continues to operate in the future. In theory Apple should stop using the API of Foot Message without problem and this API could allow developers to create applications that work well and to use iMessage from Android without any problem. You have more information at the end of the article of how it works and how to download it but soon we will make a tutorial more detailed of their operation.

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