Flight 787, a flight simulator realistic for Android

Descargar simulador de vuelo para Android .

If from always I have liked the flight simulators, and you are looking for one for Android, Flight 787 could be the great game you’re looking for. Without a doubt it has everything in the face in order to succeed, the graphics are amazing and the gameplay also. The only flaw, is that we will have to go to the cash desk to buy it, because the work that has been done by developers is amazing. If you want to discover more about this Flifht 787 flight simulator for Android, what we have below:

Flight 787 Advanced – flight Simulator (Android)

good games to level of graphics and resources, require of requirements so that the experience is good. Of course, this advanced simulator flight is not far behind. These are the requirements that we ask for on this occasion Flight 787:

  • Quad-Core Processor.
  • 2 GB of RAM (minimum).

Necesitaremos to have a quad-core processor and at least 2 GB of RAM to enjoy a good experience, or you could think of as to FIFA 16 and go too slow. We will, we will need to grab at least a mid-range to us with these benefits. Don’t miss out on Flight 787 video!

We are faced with a flight simulator very realistic, the most realistic we have seen in the Google Play. And what we can see in the above video, because everything integrates is good and of a social nature, which increases the gameplay and want to play among the users.

Between your features, we highlight the following:

  • Fly with 787.737 and MD-11.
  • 12 international flights and countries.
  • Passengers realistic in 3D.
  • Graphics in 3D and 2D.
  • air Traffic.
  • 8 angles for the camera.
  • System-radio / auto Pilot.
  • Map / Information of the state of the aircraft.
  • Other effects such as lights, spoiler, etc
  • air Brakes, and tires.
  • 4 levels of speed.
  • Status monitor / collect waypoints / problems-of-flight / locking system.
  • Issue of the plane /Issue 68 / / 12 weather systems / Airport and vehicles are shown in HD.
  • realistic sound Effects / the great quality of the animations
  • Take photos / Record video of the game and share it on the social networks.

These features are incredible, because we are going to allow you to enjoy a great flight simulator for Android. graphics are amazing. And also, we can be aware of anything with the radio, map, and information carved.

The map will be very useful to know distances, altitudes.. as well as the detailed information will show us as we will reserve at all times, of face to the fuel, oil…it Is very customizable and realistic, and we love that we can take photos, grabarnos and hang up the result in the networks. It has it all!

Download flight simulator for Android

wait No more and go ahead to download flight simulator for Android. We have before us Flight 787, a game flight simulator advanced that will allow us to enjoy under some awesome graphics of a game level great.

simulador de vuelo android flight 787

The only downside, is that we have to spend per box. The game has a price of 5,54 € . It is worth to pay because it is very good, has been a great work on the part of the developers that there are to monetize in some way. But it is a high price, however, can we get him cheaper with a promotion, but it is a great alternative to download flight simulator for Android .

What do you think about this flight simulator for Android? Do you dare to try it?

Download | Flight 787 in Google Play

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