First image of the new Chromecast filtered in a store

it is no secret that Google is preparing to renew its so-known Chromecast before or after. What we didn’t know with much certainty is when they would do so because, so far, we had not seen any seepage. This has changed: we have a picture of the refurbished Chromecast this year.

From here you will be able to know all the details and what we know to date. Before you continue you should remember that so you can “root” your Chromecast. Take a look, you’ll find it interesting.

A photo that reveals to us how will the new Chromecast Google

Has been in a store Best Buy where a user has been able to cast the eye of a Chromecast. Best of all is that it has taken advantage and has put a photo that shows some of their characteristics. According to this user Reddit the commercial took him out in search of a previous model, which tells us that is already listed and waiting to be submitted. apparently even came to buy it.

Your design will be more or less the same to what we are accustomed to the brand. Even so, changes of materials and goes to a plastic smoother that we like something more. The connection and the cable is the same as the previous version, with no surprises.

In the box to show all services and the new utilities of the new Chromecast. Not much is shown, but more or less is left to see something, it is expected to have support for higher resolution and some extra services.

Your presentation is expected to be the October 9, addition to the already long-awaited Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The truth is that it would not make any kind of sense that they were thrown into another event. In addition, we must take into account that are already manufactured and (almost) sold.

This is all that we have on the new Google Chromecast. We hope you enjoyed all the information and, before you go, don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments section. What did you similar to this new edition? Do you think that will bring new tools?

Source | The Verge

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