Find out what the virus uses WhatsApp to steal the data

Virus que WhatsApp usa para robar tus datos nivdort

There is a virus, Nivdort, with which their creators use to WhatsApp as the bait to fall into the trap and “give” all your personal information. But worst of all this, is that you may have already fallen into the trap and yet not know it. We will talk below of this virus that WhatsApp uses to steal your data, and how you can avoid it. Be very careful with this type of virus, because they are always lurking in the post, and it is important that you do not do case. You have all the data:

WhatsApp as bait, once more

There is a virus that WhatsApp uses to steal your data: Nivdort. WhatsApp is the app of instant messaging with the most users around the world, there to many will take advantage of the service to scam other users. On this occasion, we are faced with more of the same, but it is not a scam or scam, but a attempt strong made with all of our personal information.

Virus que WhatsApp usa para robar tus datos

Nivdort is the virus that you’re talking about. It is a virus that lives in WhatsApp and robs you of all the information that you share. Best of all, is that the criminals posing as Facebook, which is a lie because the guys of the social network have nothing to do with this at all, but in order to appear more realistic.

what do we face? phishing, impersonation of identity. But not only that, but they’re using WhatsApp as bait to steal users ‘ information. Takes place in the following way: the users receive in your email an email (poorly written/translated, and with strange characters) supposedly from Facebook and regarding WhatsApp. And the problem is in the content of the mail, a .ZIP where the virus is found. Something similar to what we see in the picture above.

A virus that will infects the computer

do Not download this .ZIP, and if you did it by mistake, send it directly to the recycle bin and cárgatelo. If you descomprimes and run, infectarías the computer. What that does is create folders and launch processes. These processes, collect our private data, and can be made with all the information that we have on our device (from where you have executed).

you Already know what to do to not catch it. Dodge the trap, and never download and run anything that is not trusted. Yes it is true that is pretending to be Facebook, but you know that never send messages of this type, and less to execute a file within a ZIP. Be very careful with this, have fallen many users.

Remember to do connoisseurs to your friends and acquaintances of this virus that WhatsApp uses to steal your data. You’ll be able to help them to keep their data private.

What do you think about this virus that lurks WhatsApp? How the managed to miss it?

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