Find out how you can use the camera of your Android device with the screen turned off

There are many users who wonder how they can use the camera of your mobile device with the screen turned off. And to them all we must tell you that you can only do that by downloading third-party applications in the Google store. Although remember that you must use it consciously, because it can be illegal to take photos or record without anyone noticing in public places. In addition, it can bring many problems if the other person has not given you authorization to do so.

In this opportunity, we will introduce an application that we liked it a lot because it works wonders. In the tutorial we will teach you how you can use the camera of your smartphone with the screen turned off to take pictures or to record videos. The only thing we need to do is download an application called “Camera with the screen turned off”. And to make it work you don’t have to do a lot of things, because that will be activated by the physical buttons of your mobile phone.

Camera with the screen turned off: everything you need to know

Use the camera with the screen turned off is not a problem, but you have to know to use it because having the screen turned off we will not be able to press any option. Therefore, we must take into account what will work each button of our mobile phone and the combinations that we do in order to be able to use the camera. The screen will remain completely black while we took photos or recorded videos. And something amazing, is that we will be able to see frame-by-frame the last video that we filmed and extract a specific image of the same.

To take pictures with this application you’ll simply have to press the button to turn down the volume. And on the other hand, for record videos you just need to press the button of volume up to start and same to stop making videos. And if you want to access the settings and the gallery, you have to play 2 seconds the screen of your mobile and then you will see the following options:

  • you Can access to the private gallery of the application.
  • you can Also switch to the front camera or the rear camera to make better shots.
  • you Can activate and disable the preview of the camera.
  • you Can activate and disable the vibrations in the photos and videos.

The application is very simple but can be very useful in situations that deserve to have the screen off while recording, or taking photographs of something. did you tested?

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