Find out how you can get bauxite or aluminium Last Day On Earth

Last Day on Earth is a game very long that has a lot of things and it’s amazing the amount of resources that we get. Recently, we’ve given you a complete guide of the power to learn how to use it and we provide you with the damage and speed of weapons. Today we’ll talk about a material that is very hard to find, and that we need to complete some products.

bauxite is a mineral that we need to be able to do aluminum, as in the melt 4 of bauxite at the smelter, we will have an ingot of aluminum. This way is not profitable, but it is what we must do if we want to have aluminum instead of bauxite. Now, What happens if we want to find the ore or the metal? finding them can be hard for us if we are beginners, because we have to go to the red or bunker alpha.

Go to the red zones to find bauxite

The ore is achieved only in the stones and therefore, you should go to a red zone rocky. We can go to that are located in the left part of our database, and we need to take a peak of the iron to proceed to chop all the rocks with the metal that we appear. But remember, go heavily-armed, because in that area are the zombies more dangerous in the game and will attack you just after you arrive. Don’t despair, because the percentage of it appearing is very low, so we will have that itch sometimes a lot of iron to find a light bauxite.

We have a trick to know precisely where is the bauxite, and so we will not be as crazy chopping stone. In case you have something of bauxite in the house, it is important to bring at least 1 of the mineral, carry a good gun, and keep your inventory full. To have a space for the bauxite, we put the auto mode for the character to just look for the mineral, since it does have all the inventory full. Remember that this only works if we leave the space for the ore because it will be the only product that we can collect. It is also advisable that you pass by the houses of your neighbours, since they often have something of bauxite hidden.

Find aluminum in the bunker alpha

The wire of aluminum is the only one that we can get if we go to the bunker alpha, because inside the cupboards or boxes of the lower levels appears. Once you have the thread, it won’t serve us anything, because we have to convert it in aluminum ingot so that we can complete productions. The formula to convert the threads in aluminum is as follows.

  • 2 wire of aluminium = 1 ingot of aluminum (in the oven). Therefore, we also need wood or coal to be the fuel to melt the ore.

The first use that we can make the aluminium is to build the bank of armero and to build weapons. The only drawback is that we will need 10 ingots of aluminum and gather it won’t be anything simple. Since for each cleaning that we do to the bunker will give you 3-wire of aluminum, so to have 10 ingots we will have to make at least a few 7 swept by the bunker.

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