Find out how you can export your playlists from Spotify on Android

most of the applications do not share their services with other applications easily by issues very obvious. And exporting lists, songs and information of our Spotify account is not as simple as you might think. Although there are alternatives such as Mighty, a player to listen to all our songs without a connection.

no one likes To lose customers or users in favour of the competition, so that it is extremely difficult to synchronize two applications in Android. Therefore, we must use some tools such as the which will we are going to teach today. All of us will help you to export your playlists from Spotify from one account to another. In addition, it will also serve to export it to other services like Apple Music, YouTube, Google Music, Deezer and more.

3 tools to export your playlists from Spotify on Android

then we’re going to recommend 4 ways or tools that will help you to export all your playlists from Spotify to other accounts.


Exportify is a tool that offers an interface very simple and practical that uses the Web API of Spotify, to be able to export our lists. In Exportify see the lists of our account in the read mode, and see the songs. We’re only going to export the lists you want by clicking on the button Export, All or the buttons Export that are located separately. Yes, Exportify saves the lists Spotify in CSV format, and is very practical to read it in excel or other programs.

Playlist Converter

Playlist Converter serves to Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud and any other music app that supports file M3U, PLS, or CSV. But on this occasion we are going to teach to do so with Spotify. The first thing you have to do is sign in with our account in the website of Playlist Converter. There you will see a tab to convert our playlists by selecting them one by one. Once we see the lists, see all the songs that includes the list and from the buttons on the right side you can choose the format to export the list of Spotify, YouTube, Deezer or SoundCloud.


Spotlistr can do many things, and among them is the possibility of to export your playlists from Spotify to plain text. And for agilizarte the things we’ll leave you the link to do so directly or you can go to Spotlistr, pressing Playlist Tools -> Export Playlist. For everything else, Spotlistr allows you to convert playlists from other services to Spotify as, for example, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more. The process is very simple, you just need to paste the link from the list and press on the button and log-in with Spotify.

3 methods that we present today are very simple and easy to perform. In addition, you don’t have to pay any subscription, the steps are not complicated and you don’t have to download anything. Enough to have your data from Spotify, know which list you want to export and ready. What is the most you like?

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