Find out how to stop the Swine Actual Clash Royale

Clash Royale has 90 cards in the whole game and in Androidphoria we know that each one has their pros and cons, there is cards perfect. For this reason, there are strategies and decks that work better than others. Today we analyze one of these 90 cards and you say how to stop the Swine Actual Clash Royale.

The first thing you should know is that the Pigs Real is a special card that costs 5 elixir, so that your enemy will spend enough elixir to be able to use it. Be patient and offsets their attack with all these cards that you are going to submit.

Data that will make you win against the Pigs Actual Clash Royale

Although you may not believe it, stop the Pigs Real is very simple. And despite the fact that we are going to show you what are the cards that make him counter, you must first know this of pigs:

  • Each Pig has 600 life points.
  • The Pigs Real make 53 damage per second, c/u.
  • distracted with letters of structure.
  • can Be divided.
  • it Costs 5 Elixir.

Having these data, you can play with the distraction, and to protect you using letters of structure as a decoy so that your towers are safe.

What cards of structure are good against the Pigs Real

  • Tower Bomber (4 Elixir): this is the best option if we speak of letters of the structure. Diverted to the 4 pigs and does area damage to the 4.
  • Oven (4 Elixir): this is another very good option. Also diverts all pigs and causes them damage 4.
  • Hut of Elves (5 Elixir): although it has no advantage in the question of cost, the Hut of Elves is a good choice for the amount of life that has, since tanquea all the damage while the towers kill the Pigs.
  • Headstone (3 Elixir): in spite of having advantage in cost of elixir, does not ensure the death of all the Pigs. However, distracts and ensures a little bit of time.

What units are good against the Pigs Real

  • Valkyrie (4 Elixir): stick to the 4 Pigs and does enough damage.
  • Gang of Goblins (3 Elixir): served against the 4 pigs together, or if the ship split, since you can also divide.
  • Mini Pekka (4 Elixir): it is the best option of all, killing each Pig of an attack.
  • Horde of Minions (5 Elixir): even if you come out losing at the cost of elixir, the Horde of Minions quickly removed to the Pigs. But eye, you have to be careful against cards like Arrows which can make you counter.
  • Army of Skeletons (3 Elixir): this is a great option, but has the same weakness that the Minions, a Download, or a few Arrows can kill them.

Data extras

Rocket instantly breaks, only that this card costs 6 elixir. For its part, the Ball of Fire (4 Elixir) it does not kill them but leaves them at a blow of the tower.

As you noticed, there are many cards that can stop the Pigs Real, if you still don’t succeed to visualize and still have doubts as to confront them, you can watch this video to understand it better:

Clash Royale is a game of strategy, and in Androidphoria we are always analyzing letters. Take a look at the 5 best decks of the Montacarneros and learn to play with the new card legendary of the game.

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