Find out how to put a color to your name in Brawl Stars

Currently, Brawl Stars is one of the games most downloaded and played from the Play Store. If you are part of that community you must have noticed that there are players that have different colors in your name. How is this possible, does Supercell allow it? Well, the answer is yes. It is also not illegal and is very easy to do. If you are interested stay and discover how to put your color name in Brawl Stars.

this Is the first time that Supercell allows this modification in any of their games, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to stand out from the others and give color to your name.

How to put color to your name in Brawl Stars

Data that you have to take into account:

  • It’s free.
  • this is Not any kind of trap.
  • Not in any way affect your account.
  • 15 is the maximum number of characters for a name in Brawl Stars.
  • the code to change The color contains 8 characters so that your name must be a maximum of 7 characters.
  • you Can combine the color you want with the black.
  • you can’t combine two colors because there is not space to enter two codes.

Taking this into account, you will see that change the name is something very simple. The first thing you should do is go to the home screen of the game. Once there, you will have to click the tool button button in the top right.

Already in the settings menu, you must press the box that says: “change name“. Then you will have the option to do so.

Remember that you can change your name as often as you want, but only the first change is free of charge, others you will have to pay with gems.

These are the codes to change the color your name

  • 2>name (if you want the Red color)
  • 3>name (if you want the Green color)
  • 4>name (if you want the color Blue)
  • 5>name (if you want the color Cyan)
  • 6>name (if you want the color Purple)
  • 7>name (if you want the Yellow color)
  • 8>name (if you want the color Pink)
  • 9>name (if you want the color Vinotinto)

As you can see, the number is equivalent to color. However, it is important that you know that at the time of place the first two characters of the code (. But quiet, this is not to say that what you’re doing wrong, on the contrary you are doing it right.

once you place the name and you’re done close the code, you will see how your name will change color. If you don’t like, you can try with another, what is important is that you do not accept the name change without choose correctly.

If it seems a little complicated I leave you a video to watch a better:

To finish we show the error Brawl Stars you will earn many boxes. Click here if you want to see.

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