Find out how to get AR Stickers from Google on any Android

The famous stickers of augmented reality, which arrived recently to the mobile Pixel are really great. But, until recently, only the owners of the Google mobile could use them. Now, thanks to two applications that we have brought to you, you’ll be able to have AR Stickers on any Android device that support.

if you don’t know the AR Stickers are objects or virtual characters that can be inserted in the image and make it appear that the sticker is actually on the scene that we’re taking.

Motion Stills

The first application we bring you is Motion Stills. This application allows you to create short videos of 3 seconds. You can also record videos in loop and also gives you the option to save these recordings into GIF format to share with your friends.

But, the function of which we’ll talk about is the augmented reality that this application offers. This new function allows you to add AR Sticker directly to your phone’s camera. you Can add these stickers to both photos as your short and although it doesn’t have the same pack of stickers 3D mobile Pixel is a good choice.

┬┐How to use motion stills?

you must Simply go to the option of augmented reality and add with a single tap on the sticker you like and change the size to your liking and ready.

The best of the application is that is totally free and you can download it directly from the following link

ARCore Google

The first thing you should know is that to function the stickers, ARCore uses the camera of the Google Pixel, that is why we leave this article where we explain how to download and install it.

unlike the previous application, ARCore allows you to add the same pack of Stickers that you can find in a Pixel. Although it is a bit more complicated to install, but neglects that I will explain in simple steps.

  • The first thing you should do is go to the link that I left below for you to download the application ARCore and then you have to install it.
  • Now download and install the pack of Stickers of the Pixel from this link courtesy of XDA Developers.
  • Ready, now look for the option on the left side of the screen, turn it on and you will see the new function next to the capture button of the camera.
  • Enter this function and select the one you like the most.
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