Find out how to contact support for WhatsApp to solve problems

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¿you Have a problem with your account on WhatsApp on the Internet and did not find the solution? Because there is no other contact with the official support from WhatsApp. Although you may not believe it, to ask for help directly to WhatsApp it is very easy and you will be able to solve the problem that you have quickly.

gone are the times in which, for contact with the official support of a service, we had to do a whole process annoying and tedious with the that finally our problem was solved after many months of waiting. Currently, you can get in contact with the support of WhatsApp easily, from your mobile phone and in less than 5 minutes as we explain below.

what have you Searched on Internet the solution to your problem?

There are several problems with WhatsApp that are really very common, so that many web pages have already posted the solutions. Before you rush to ask for help from the official support, first looking in Google your problem to see if other people also had and have managed to fix it without the help of the technical staff of WhatsApp.

Also, remember to read the frequently asked questions of WhatsApp, then maybe the question you have has already been resolved and does not need to contact support.

Steps to contact the support of WhatsApp from the mobile

Reportando un problema de WhatsApp al soporte oficial

  • Open the app WhatsApp on your mobile.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots located in the upper right portion of the screen.
  • Select Settings, and then tap Help.
  • Enter option Contact us (Internet connection required).
  • Describes in detail the problem that you have and, if necessary, attached some screen shots for the support of WhatsApp you can solve your problem in a better way.
  • Press GIS when you have finished describing the problem. Immediately opens the Gmail app or Outlook, where will the message you wrote ready to send to the support of WhatsApp. If you want, change the subject of the email and then tap on the send button.

Enviando correo al soporte de WhatsApp

Now it only remains to wait for the support of WhatsApp you respond in the next few hours. Finally, you are advised to find out, by entering the following link, about the 5 issues that you are exposed to by relying on WhatsApp.