Find, lock and reset your Android phone lost or stolen

If you have an Android phone it is very important that you know how to get it back in case that you have lost. Also, logically, if you steal, it is essential that you are aware of to block the smartphone correctly so they are not able to extract any of your personal data. So, here we bring to you a simple tutorial so that you can protect your private information at all times.

┬┐How can I locate, lock and restore my Android phone lost or stolen?

despite how complicated it sounds, the whole procedure, this is really simple. You just have to follow some directions very simple.

Before you begin, as you know, they can also steal everything that contains your mobile by hacking data. That’s why here we give you 5 tips which are indispensable for the security of your Android mobile. You’ll be able to have a smartphone, shielded, capable of preventing any type of attack.

1.- Find your mobile

rastrear y bloquear android

The first thing you need to know is that for you to locate your smartphone this has to be switched on. If the mobile is active, you’ll have to do the following.

  • Go to the following address:
  • once inside the web you’ll see a map where you can view the location your exact mobile.
  • In the case that the mobile phone is near you can to make this sound for a period of 5 minutes. It does not matter if the smartphone is in silent.

2.- Block the mobile

rastrear movil android robado

In case you can’t find your smartphone, and you don’t want to try to reach you. The best thing you can do is lock it so no one can access your personal information.

  • Enter the page:
  • once in the website choose the option Protect Device.
  • The Google account of your Android mobile is locked automatically.
  • Also you can add a message and phone number to the lock screen. This will serve so that they can locate you and give you the mobile without any problem.

3.- Data reset of your mobile

rastrear y bloquear movil android robado

If you think definitely that your smartphone has been stolen and that she never will return to see. Then in addition to lock, you will need to delete all the information that this contains. can Not access to your personal information as is the case of the contacts, photos, messages, videos etc

  • Enters the page:
  • sign in to your Google account for you to confirm your identity.
  • Now click on the option Delete data on the device.
  • it Will show you a pop-up window. You will only have to reaffirm the decision destroy all of your personal data.
  • option to delete your information is permanent. There is No way to recover the lost data.

Finally, to conclude, in case you want to maintain a backup of the information of your mobile phone. Here’s how to make a backup of calls and SMS in Android. So you’ll be able to retain some of your information in case you lose the phone or it’s stolen.

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