File Pou: 5 years on the top of the most popular games

Vuelve el espiritu Tamagotchu

Who in this world has not played Pou? Since its output is one of the most popular games, and even today it still is. Are tens of thousands of searches that are performed on a monthly basis related with Pou. The game as we see has not gone unnoticed in spite of being quite a veteran. I, today, I’m still using it, and that is without doubt is one of the best options to burn the boredom.

Their mini-games, some mythical, make Pou one of the best games that has ever existed –for Android, of course. Personally I took with me a pleasant feeling when, three months ago, the last time I installed the game, I saw that it was still my account exactly the same as I left it for the last time in early 2014.

Even in the post 11 after 2012

Capturas de pantalla del juego Pou

is Not in the top 10, but yes that is still in the list of the most popular games. Exactly at position 11, and it is if you upload it as a single post would return to the category it deserves.

In the top 1 we have to Tigerball, a game that I’ve been testing it for only a week but that has remained to grate the Pou. It has nothing to do with Pou, as Tigerball is a game of fashion passenger, but without a doubt it is a good game. As a curiosity we Wondered, a game that while not as old –it is 2013–, also surprises that follow in the list given the age.

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