Figures for Android and iOS smartphone worldwide, freehold Google

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android vs apple 2014-2013

Android and iOS, iOS and Android. The “bipartisanship” prevailing for years as far as regards mobile platforms is still very present today. Two very different strategies, we could say even opposite. Apple, on the one hand, wanting to control their final product both hardware and software that will run in each of his creations. Google , regardless of the Nexus devices focused on expanding an open operating system , which improves every year, but whose responsibility lies in hardware manufacturers, their “partners” , with advantages and disadvantages that entails .

In today’s article I will focus on one of the advantages, at least for Google, with the result that Android is free and adaptable to a wide range of devices, and hundreds of manufacturers wishing to enter the market smartphone or tablet of your hand. Thanks to data concerning the company IDC volume of devices with different operating systems and figures “market share” or market share, can assess what is being dynamics from 2013.


As shown in the above table, from 2013 number of Android devices has grown significantly 250 million new Android devices on the market. This is also seen increased its market rate, improving to 3% of their numbers compared to last year, which gives it current figures of 81.5% of the current market , 8 of 10 devices feature Android smartphone inside.

Its closest rival, as usual, Apple has increased its volume of 40 million devices, although its sales market has been reduced, minimally that if, by 0.3%, reaching iOS Current figures of 14.8% of the current smartphone market .

However, we must consider something very important, is that Apple is different from Google in which your business is not only in the expansion of iOS or OS X, but their products also extend, while Google, at least to some extent, their main interest is because Android continues to gain market share and thus their services as Gmail, Google+, or most importantly, its platform Advertising .

should ask Android manufacturers embracing the “partners” with Google , what are we doing in this competition by lowering prices and occupy all ranges of possible market . Android is a success, the absolute ruler from the point of view of number of users, and it seems that the road is and will continue to grow if we also add proposals as Android One focused on the 5,000 million people still do not have a smartphone in their pockets.

And you do you think? Head over figures smartphone Android and iOS worldwide, freehold Google to leave your mark.

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  • Figures for Android and iOS smartphone worldwide, freehold Google
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