Falcon Pro 3: how did this Twitter client explained in three weeks video

Falcon Pro 3: how did this Twitter client explained in three weeks video

Recently we told you so all about “While You Were Away”, the latest Twitter for Android to keep informed with a quick look at what happened while you were gone disconnected from the network. This article will talk again of the social network Twitter, but this time not on their official client, otherwise an alternate client well known, Falcon Pro 3, from which we recall that, among other innovations, was rewritten for release with design Material Design . Well, now we are going to leave with curious and interesting audiovisual document on Falcon Pro 3 .

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Specifically we refer to video that have been discovered through the work of dissemination of Android Authority. In this video the author, Joaquim Vergès explains how he created the app in just three weeks certainly very little time considering the success of this client for Android and the fact that, as already mentioned, is rewritten. This is a truly educational video, and is practically hard 1 hour along the Vergès what makes a journey through the process of creating Falcon Pro 3.

Among other things addressed issues relating to previous work interface user queries, animations or the manner used to prevent further time limit tokens Twitter . As if that were not enough, you can also enjoy the video in a series of questions and answers . In our opinion this is a video of particular interest to developers my or aspiring, but we believe it is even interesting as a curiosity for any Android user and fans This client. Finally, we recall that app is a free download with purchase in app – is paid for each account you please add to Falcon Pro 3 -.

Play Store | Falcon Pro 3 (Free with purchase in app )


What do you think Falcon Pro 3 ?, you interesting this video of the author explaining the creation of the app?

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