Faced by the phablet Samsung Galaxy S6 star edge!

Enfrentados Galaxy S6 edgg+

A new faced has come to our YouTube channel and the protagonist is none other than Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + a phablet attached to the word vitaminado as it improves further features of the original version and is positioned as one of the best options on the market.

Much can praise the device, but like any other is not perfect and can question certain aspects as the price / quality ratio, whether it was necessary to launch a vitamin version taking into account the existence of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, among other things. Therefore, we give way to Carlos and confronted Jaume in the new to say things as they are, without any subterfuge and finally assessing whether it be up to us, users and consumers.

Remember you too can give your opinion video in the comments and collaborate in a way, in this faced. In video!

And you do you think? Head over to the phablet star Faced Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +! to leave your mark.

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