Facebook wants to expand the functionality of Messenger beyond communication

Facebook Messenger se actualiza con interesantes novedades

At this point I do not think it’s any secret that Facebook has a instant messaging application designed to communicate with our contacts in private, they began using separately from its official application for some time and that we obliged to use to check our messages when we are away from a computer.

And at first you might think that far reaching plans Facebook, right? No, not at all. Although it seems that the objective of Messenger could only be one route and functional end there, Mark Zuckerbeg yesterday announced plans social network expand the capabilities of app dramatically.

Many people do not realize this, but there are forty applications that can connect with Messenger , turning the service on a platform of e-commerce and Facebook plans to attack precisely that sector to allow Messenger users buy online without leaving app . Not only that, but was able to track the status of orders product and reservations via Messenger. Thus any notice that has to do with our purchases, we receive the application.

No longer just about to turn Messenger in a trading application online but if for example we connect the app as Magisto video sharing edited by ourselves, contact to which we send the video will also receive a link download app with which we have created and shared .

Facebook Analytics: There are still more


Obviously, if a developer wants to connect your application with Messenger want what use is that application within the social network platform. To this end have enabled Facebook Analytics, which enable developers to have more controlled use made of app natively on both terminal and through the Mesenger service.

To have a clearer idea of ​​what is functioning app Facebook divided criteria analysis the following segments :

  • Events: Allows users to browse by country, age, gender, language and platform in order to define specific groups using an application
  • .

  • Funnels: Detects problems users have with the application and provides ways to address
  • .

  • Cohorts: Used to determine the number of actual users of an application and how often they use it against users who simply install
  • .

  • Segments: These are filters that can be applied to the segments Funnels and Cohorts to learn more about a user group in particular
  • .

  • App Ads: Indicates the value of an ad in Facebook advertising
  • .

For developers who are wondering how this service works exactly has enabled a demonstration which can be accessed through a web link which gives an idea of ​​how this behaves Service analysis.

All these developments must be added the fact that Facebook now will begin to withstand 360 degree video and virtual reality .

For more information regarding the new features of Messenger and Facebook Analytics can check the official website of Facebook Developers.

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