Facebook puts an end to the tag SPAM

The guys and Mark Zuckerberg are introducing constant improvements in the social network Facebook, a technology that would end the SPAM of tags. Today sure you’ve seen that you tagged in many photos but that does not have at all sense, but now this technology is going to prevent this automatically, so that is good news for all.

Facebook is also implementing the system of recognition of face, would also have the option of “to acknowledge pictures“. The goal is to detect the tags which are legitimate and which have the objective of making SPAM. All this we read about them in Business Insider.

facebook fin etiquetas spam

Facebook puts an end to the labels, SPAM

Facebook continues to improve the recognition of photos of Facebook but now it has as objective avoid those annoying tags SPAM. From a long time ago continues to improve the face recognition as I had told on numerous occasions, but this goes further, because with this new technology automatic labeling and enhanced, I would like to put an end to the tag SPAM.

why Facebook works in this new technology?

For the moment we have a patent, a new recognition technology for the photos that goes beyond and that will allow you to identify automatically the type of content. You will be able to to recognize the image in a way improved and rule out the possibility of that label bulk.

it Is clear that sooner or later you’d have to get a technology that will have a labelling system more neat, and automatic, but without SPAMMING. For companies and people several stop advertising. This way would be the mass publication of photos so awkward in many cases. For the moment, we do not know when it will be implemented. But it is a fight against SPAM which we will follow very closely.

Every time you continues to struggle more and more against SPAM, because it starts to be uncomfortable for many users of the social network. And companies, use much this labeling aggressive in photos that have nothing to do with you. But this may cease to be so with this last that we tell you.

What do you think of the news? Do you satisfied?

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