Facebook now allows you to share the collections saved, you send your list of christmas wishes!

Facebook is in all our holidays. The social network now lets you share the collections saved. So you’ll be able to indicate subtly what you want them to give you in this christmas season. so Easy and fun!

if you didn’t know, you can save publications by touching the three dots in the top right and pressing “Save publishing”. In addition, Facebook gives you the possibility to organize them into custom collections. Now, thanks to the holiday season, you’ll be able to share these collections with your friends within the social network.

How do you make a list of christmas wishes?

  • Go to the section “saved Items”.
  • you have a collection of name “My wish list for this christmas”.
  • you will See three buttons: Add items, Invite and More.
  • Give Invite and choose in your friends list to the people who want to indicate subtly what you want this christmas.

Eye, this is just an idea to make the most of this feature that gives Facebook during the holiday season, but you can make collections of whatever you want. In our collections of Facebook we kept all those publications that we like, now the platform lets us share them with those who give us the win.

recently we told you that Facebook analyzes your photos to know who you are and who is your family, now gives you the possibility to share collections saved.

The feature for sharing collections has already begun to be implemented. If you have not active at this time, because it waits patiently because soon will come to all regions of the world.

however, the social network already has an advantage on certain platforms. Instagram, for example, has a system of collections but may not be shared as well as on Facebook.

Source | Androidcommunity

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