Facebook Messenger is updated with names, links and codes

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The messaging service of Facebook, Messenger, has just received a major update loaded with new features. Facebook Messenger has been updated (as we will see below in the screenshots), with custom names, links / URLS and custom code. Can this all sounds to chinese now in the beginning, but further down I will tell you that this is going. There is No waste whatsoever. what are you waiting for to update Facebook Messenger?

New features of Messenger

What we have new in Messenger?

nuevo facebook messenger

  • Now we can adding contacts with the user name, we’re not going to need anything more. This speeds up the process so much that we had until now, so it is an interesting novelty. So, you know, updates and creates a unique user name before you get caught.
  • custom Link of your name. You can also create a custom URL for that contact you on Messenger, you can use your name and surname, for example.
  • With the codes we will be able to make friends much faster. It is sort of like a QR code. What we have to do will be to open the app, show the code and scan from your mobile you will be our friend on Messenger. The bond is instant.

We like this new Messenger, because it will use more the app. It is a more convenient way of exchanging information and more original without a doubt.

when comes the new?

starting today iran reaching all these developments, that we will enjoy these days at the latest. If you want to discover if you already have it available in your area, just grab the link of the Google Play. We love all these new features! What silent had.

, And we congratulate the Messenger for the 900 million people who already use the app!

have you seen the new features of Messenger? What do you look like? Do not hesitate to ask us in the comments what you want, below you can see the official information and download what’s new, if you already have it available.

More information | Messenger

Download | Messenger on Google Play

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