Facebook introduced Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, but… How?

if you didn’t know already, Facebook is huge and has many more services with. Among them are Instagram and WhatsApp and, according to the latest reports, the giant blue unify to obtain greater benefits in all the senses.

The question that all we’re doing is how it will affect the end user and, from here, you’ll be able to know all the details of this decision. Before you continue you should remember that here you can find 3 tricks to exprimi to the maximum Messenger 😉

Facebook plans to join Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

The first thing I have to say is that no, there will be an application that will integrate all the services. What they have in mind is to use the same infrastructure for all the different services and that has several benefits. Then you have the most important:

  • You’ll be able to to send messages and other types of files between platforms. that Is to say, to speak with someone who is using Messenger through, for example, Instagram. This idea we quite like.
  • All networks will benefit from the encryption end-to-end WhatsApp, the greater overall security.

With this decision what they really want is to have the user more closely, even, and unify all the services, surely will cost them less money in the future. in Addition, you can get much more match the topic of the advertising and data management. We’ll see how goes the move.

So you can open 2 accounts of Facebook at the same time from your mobile

By the time Facebook has not said no date in this respect, but are expected to take place during this 2019. We will be vigilant and we will tell you all the details first-hand. What do you think of this unification? Do you think that is positive or negative for users? don’t leave without letting us your opinion.

Source | The Verge

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