Facebook hides the tab Friends on the Android app

Facebook is being a little naughty, takes a few days don’t know if display or not to display the tab of the Request of Friends in the application for Android and it is taking off and putting on their whim. have ye Not noticed?

a few days Ago that Facebook is changing in my smartphone and I have decided to share it with you. If you go to Facebook from Android, and you can see that it is only the tab of Notifications, and the tab of the Timeline you will find the tab of Friendships under the Notifications.

Feliz dia amistad Facebook

Facebook hide friends under the Notifications

we do Not know what is riding up Facebook with the Friends, but the truth is that we don’t have a lot of sense for Facebook to put the tab in Friends under the notifications but if you seek the logic is obvious.

Perhaps the tab of Friends of Facebook do not receive as much traffic as they would like and the tab of Notifications, it is a place where people are coming yes or yes in the case of using Facebook. Put the Friends under the Notifications will help users to see the way to add new friends easily after completing the Notifications. It has a lot of sense if so, but a lot of people use the tab often and now it doesn’t find it.

Facebook wants you to see your new friends after Notifications

The funny thing about this is that these changes have started more or less even to the Day of the Friendship of Facebook and we do not know if it is that Facebook wants you to do more friends, or that make less because a lot of people are asking where they had taken the friendship requests, and a lot of people wonder why the have moved so far down.

do you, do you think? Do you carry days, looking for Friendships and not the encounter? it Is obvious that they have moved but during these days keep going back and forth, have to wait a few months to see where the leaves finally Facebook. The network looks for changes to encourage the use of the application, but some of them might not be everything good that they believe.

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