Facebook forces its employees to use Android devices instead of iOS

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In a very recent movement to help the employees of Facebook to better understand what users need Android, the CPO of the company of Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Cox, this forcing a number without specifying of employees of Facebook to leave their iPhones in favor of Android devices. According to sources close to the company and according to pick up on Android Authority, this is being done to the team of Cox experience how they perceive the social network in emerging markets.

In a recent press release we could read these statements of Chris Cox:

I’m ordering a change of a part of my team to Android, only because people, when left to its air, typically will prefer a iPhone.

What you should keep in mind is that Facebook serves nearly 1,500 million of customers around the world, and although the iPhones financed have become somewhat popular in western markets, the possibility of buying an Android for a part of the cost of a dispositiov iOS is a point-of-sale very large among the users of the emerging markets. Android has currently a market share of gigantic 82.8%, according to IDC.

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“What we are trying to do is to get in the company, has empathy towards these users and really appreciate that the people for whom we develop our application in its majority does not seem in anything to us,” said Cox.

we Assume that the latter will refer to the habits of use and to the smartphones used.

This week has also been introduced in Facebook something called 2G Tuesdays where, each Tuesday, the application behaves as if it were connected to a low-speed network, so that the employees of Facebook can know what they are experiencing those who have this kind of connections on a daily basis.

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