Facebook censorship a picture of a nipple and goes viral

foto del pezon facebook viral

Today, February 4, is celebrated on the world Cancer Day. What we didn’t expect is that a woman who is fighting against the breast Cancer issue a photo on Facebook of her nipple with a smiley face. is The purpose? Help women who are in your same situation. A photo that could save lives and Facebook has been deleted. Don’t miss the last viral that is reacting faster on Facebook and Instagram.

The picture of a nipple with a smiley face goes viral on Facebook

have You ever seen the following picture? Do you see anything wrong? I Understand that throughout the year you can find in this image something related to naturism, as he has qualified Facebook, saying that violates the codes of nudism. However, today is the world Day against Cancer, has not done much grace to the users, because it is a photo that seeks to help, not cause.

Una foto de un pezón en Facebook se hace viralRowena Kincaid is a woman who fight against breast cancer and has made a documentary, “Before stretching the leg” in the us transmitted as it is in the day-to-day with your illness.

Rowena more than 10,000 followers on his profile of Facebook, and we could say that every day he receives questions that are responsible for responding as quickly as possible. But what the social network did not expect, is that outside to upload an image with one of his nipples and a smiley face.

administrators of Facebook saw the photo and the eliminated for violating the codes of nudism. Before this, this woman took the law into their own hand, since it is not a photography related to naturism, but that could help save lives.

In the photo we can see one of her breasts derived from the breast cancer you have. It is something natural. It is not a picture of that ship cause, but to help more women who are in your same situation.

Facebook amended and republished the photo

What happened with Facebook? Rowena made contact, and the social network received many comments that it could be put back the image. Facebook realized his mistake, and rectified by posting again the picture of Rowena. An image that could save many lives.

Since that time, the picture of the nipple that we see in the previous image with the happy face above, has gone viral on Facebook and Instagram. do you Still haven’t shared it with your friends? Takes today is a special day for fight all together against Cancer.

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