Facebook celebrates the Day of the woman: we now change your profile picture to celebrate!

Tomorrow is march 8, the Day of the woman. And Facebook, always adds to these causes to celebrate. On this occasion, you’ll be able to change your profile picture now on the International Day of the woman. This still starts tomorrow, but you’re going to be able to change the photo right now to celebrate the International Day of Working Women in Facebook, only to change the profile photo.

Morning is 8 march is the International Day of the woman. And part of being festive, a way to celebrate it is changing the profile picture of Facebook. You’ll be able to add some sizing to your picture now as you can see in the previous image, so that the customizing and the put appropriate for this special day.

facebook dia de la mujer foto perfil

Changed the profile photo of Facebook by the Day of the woman

This day, the 8th of march, is important because it marks in some way the struggle of women for equality with men. Although today there is, was proposed by Clara Ketkin in the past year 1910.

For this reason, Facebook launched this tool. Facebook tells us more specifically “show your support to a cause, cheer on your favorite sports team or celebrating an important moment of your life“.

With this social networking tool, you can add your profile photo or other image, a few details to celebrate this day, Day of the woman on Facebook. You’ll see a tie in different colors and a circle with the following message: Women’s Day, march 8, 2017. ¡¡there can be No better way to celebrate this day in this way!

So you can change your profile picture on Facebook on the day of the woman worker

These are the steps to continue:

  • Enters https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes.
  • you will See the option Day of the woman.
  • you’ll See different frames that you can select and customize.
  • Pick one that you like.
  • you Choose the time you want it and ready.
  • Click on “Use as profile photo”.

Remember that you can have it for a week or the time you want. There is No better way to celebrate the International Day of the Woman changing your profile picture of Facebook. ¡¡We hope that what you’ve got!! So you’ll be able to hold you too this, the International Day of Working Women.

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