Enjoy the best basketball game with NBA 2K16, already available on Android


Today we bring you the best basketball game on the market, this is the game of the american company 2K, NBA 2K16 for Android. Which is already available for download in the Play Store. There is a difference to this application with MyNBA2K16 which is a card game and that we will be able to get coins to then use on your console. In this application you’ll be able to play games with your favorite teams and their stars, like the brothers Gasol, Kobe in the Lakers or Curry on the Golden State Warriors.

Among its novelties include the update templates with the players on their respective teams, new controls that facilitate the experience of use has been improved graphics engine as well as modeling of the players. Aspect that will give more realism and that we immerse you better into the game. The game features comments although as in the previous launch is only the version English. Includes equipment both for NBA as of Euroleague.

Within the game are the following game modes:

  • MiCarrera which we can create and customize our player that will increase its reputation and quality by using coins VC that will get in every game and draw attention to best equipment.
  • Season with which we have the option of choose a team and perform the regular season and try to to obtain the ring.
  • And for the first time in the version of Android, the mode Blacktop to game play stray in the tracks of asphalt, from 1 vs. 1 up to 4 against 4.


We have to highlight the incompatibility, which presents the game with most of the devices, as happened with FIFA 16. Due to the characteristics necessary for the game to run without problems, it is very likely that only the high-end on the market have the possibility to play it.

The game is available on Google Play for 8,52 € . In addition, if you want to unlock equipment, flags, coins, VC in addition to the latest updates of templates that you can produce will be needed payments within the same application.

Although the game introduces a big incompatibility with the majority of terminals on the market and you have a high price, for those users that meet the requirements and are lovers of basketball, this is your game. tell us your impressions about the game. A greeting and to put baskets

Google Play | NBA 2K16 (8,52 euros)

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