Enable or disable the app drawer on the LG G5

Desactivar cajon aplicaciones LG G5

When we tested the LG G5 in the MWC we noticed a small lack, a small lack for the most classic, for those who want the app drawer in Android as has been until now in most of the mobile phones.

Some layers like EMUI, MIUI and some others have already started to do without the app drawer and what is certain is that until the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have an option to delete it which I will talk about in another article today. Now, despite the fact that in the MWC there was no sign of the App Drawer on the LG G5 yes it will in their personalization layer UX 5.0.

How to put or remove the app drawer on the LG G5?

LG seems to want to risk big your LG G5 but the company in the end has decided that users to choose between having or not having an app drawer, something that seems to be destined to disappear in Android N.

Now, the LG G5 has confirmed in the promotional video of their layer of software that do allow you to choose between having an isolated space for apps or show all of them directly on the desktop. Now the LG G5 will have 3 setting options on the desktop, the basic option (EasyHome) for people who wants to the minimum, the normal app drawer and normal drawer application.

How to enable or disable the app drawer on the LG G5?

To enable or disable the app drawer on the LG G5 will have to go to the Settings of the device. Once in they will look for the option to change it in the Settings of the main screen. We have to choose between the mode EasyHome mode Home (with the apps on the main screen in desktop-contiguous), or the way Home with the app drawer.

The truth is that it is good that LG let you choose like Samsung with its Galaxy S7. Will there be actually this LG is that Samsung left to choose? Samsung has made the picture very complicated for anyone who wants to make the competition and this LG G5 is going to have to put the batteries if you want to dominate part of the market despite innovate much on its release.

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