Elephone S7: curved screen, Helium X20 and 4 GB of RAM for less than 200 euros

eles7chinese manufacturers increasingly are stepping over the heels to traditional firms, because in the race of the hardware that we are witnessing day after day we see how they are getting to a level, in which for a price more than interesting and in part affordable to all, we can take into our hands or pockets configurations that make it so only a few months belonged to the high-end.

Elephone boasts of it, then in a terminal that does not exceed 200 euros, we can buy it with a tempting setting as a Helium X20 MediaTek, a processor 10-core that works to the thousand wonders, 4 GB of RAM to move many applications in multitasking and up to 64gb of internal storage, to forget the space and make as many installations of apps such as photos want.

The screen is undoubtedly the highlight, as it incorporates an IPS panel of 5.5 inches with Full HD resolution, which is presumed to contain a glass signed by Gorilla Glass in its version number 3 curved on both sides, because this next to the screen also curve as it is logical to offer an experience that until now had not seen if not on the terminals of the reputed Korean company.

In fact, and although the video is not appreciated as it should, the firm wanted to equip it with a mode called SmartScreen, which, together with an option called Light-Adaptative Brightness, do that when the sunlight is incident directly or on the contrary there is a lot of brightness in the environment, will drive even more the brightness in addition to controlling the contrast, so as to view the screen optimally.

Since then that this terminal aimed quite high, well, next to your design, specifications and some details in the software as mentioned herein, this terminal, which is currently in pre-sale starting at $ 139, is a good choice to consider if you’re looking for a mid-range quality.

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