Elephone gets serious with his new Vowney


all know that Chinese firms come stomping. They have left behind the role of manufacturers of low profile to devote to compete in some way with the great masters come from Korea, Japan or the US. To do this, they have left behind the components of low quality and low price to start building devices premium at attractive price. is in this impasse production of smartphones where a company like Elephone gains popularity, is that in recent times have been building devices, at least, they do not leave indifferent as we saw with the recently presented Elephone M1

So Hold on to what you have at hand today what we have seen from this manufacturer is called Vowney, and at least on paper, seems mostly a “Flagship Killer”. Failing to get their hands on this device (make sure it sooner rather than later) and you can advance some of its specifications. Start with what can be more striking, this device mounted a screen resolution 2k that leaves us with just over 530ppi. A reoslución that today only smartphone in the market may exceed (Z5 Sony Xperia Premium). Besides this we see inside we have a Helio X10, processor Mediatek Chinese firm that we know and performs real scandal. As if this were not enough, we have 4Gb of RAM and 32 GB to store your files and applications. Other aspects such as a camera mounted Sony sensor 21 Mp recording at 4K, a fingerprint reader on the back or a substantial battery of 4000 mAh presage that this is one of the terminals You can stick strongly protected by its spectacular specifications.


However, and as is usual in these cases, it is better to be cautious. The quality of materials, construction, connectivity or the actual performance of some multimedia aspects is important to try them in person to get a real idea of ​​the potential of this. From here were something hypeados for the specifications of this terminal Elephone and be very attentive to try as soon as possible.

To you who thought about the role this terminal?

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