Dropbox Paper, the perfect rival of Google Docs [APK]

Dropbox Paper

I just left boxes Dropbox Paper simply because I love it. I have to say that I am a big fan of Google Docs, I love working in the cloud without having to open programs on the computer. It is very comfortable Docs open and edit a file that I can then easily share via a link. But it seems that Dropbox also liked the idea and now want to apply it in your cloud service. It makes sense, because if share documents with friends or co-workers to Dropbox, you can now work with them directly from the cloud.

Dropbox Paper has a look magnificent. It is a faithful rival Docs Google because the operation is similar and is comfortable especially for those who use Dropbox and have shared folders. This service, gives me to me that it’s going to be a success to work in a group.

Dropbox Paper apk android

Dropbox Paper, conĂ³celo

With a simple design, Dropbox Paper will allow us to write texts in a simple manner. Texts that we will be able to easily share and you will be able to share with us is also easy. Features the look of Material Design, and a pint amazing.

We may working with documents collaborative from Dropbox Paper. We will not have to open any annoying applications in computers, will be as comfortable as working directly on the cloud, in the same copy without having to go replacing copies. Very comfortable and a great step forward.

  • Creates a file
  • and Edit when you want to
  • Share it with their peers (through the mail)
  • Notifications
  • Comments in the editions (chat)
  • favorites Tab
  • Settings

Is basic but sufficient. As you say, ideal to work with colleagues without the use of additional programs on the PC.

Test already the beta version of Dropbox Paper

you can Already try Dropbox Paper from the web and on Android. You’ll only need to be user Drobopx. If you are interested, we’ll leave you the links to access any of the versions. We recommend it. It is a pass.

don’t hesitate to download now the APK if you want to try it from the mobile. Try it in the meantime, the web that you will not have to do anything more than login and begin to enjoy.

Web | Dropbox Paper

Download | Dropbox Paper [APK Mirror]

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