Download the wallpapers of the LG G6

If you can not have the mobile, an option is to have the funds for screen. So if you want to download wallpapers LG G6, in this article we bring for you take a piece of the LG G6 to your terminal. We are without a doubt one of the terminals of the year. But now he’s going to be a little yours, because you’ll be able to enjoy a funds magnificent and very different to dress up your current terminal and get it to look like.

We find a total of 10 wallpapers for the LG G6, you don’t see them all in the next image, but some of the most popular.

descargar fondos de pantalla lg g6

Download wallpapers LG G6

To download these wallpapers of the LG G6 s – only you’ll have to download them from the link to Drive that you leave at the end of the article. It’s great, because it will allow you to have funds that are cool and of quality as part of your screen, because sometimes we find images that we like, but it is complicated to give the wallpapers that are good and that fit well in the terminal.

And also, as you can see, we have funds of all type: a grey one pretty off, one grey with shades of green, one mountainous and the mirror, another ladder-type, one lovely green and trees, one with forms violet-blue, one multicolored, very beautiful, one landscape and the last two more bland but equally valid… one blue and the other dark brown.

How do I put wallpaper on my mobile?

you Can take your smartphone and open the following link you leave at the end of the article. Once inside, you will only have to download the background that you like. After you download it, click on the image and in the 3 points you should see the option “set as…“. There you choose “bottom of screen”, although you can also put it on the lock screen, or both.

now you see that there is no waste and that these funds are really great, you can try to beat them now a download:

Download | Google Drive – Funds LG G6

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