Download the wallpapers and apps from Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge!

Samsung Galaxy S6

Of course, the new handsets from Samsung have not gone unnoticed, are the focus of the Mobile World Congress , and top it off with one, we also have his brother with both sides of the curved screen. Besides the renewed appearance, we find a layer of customization improved without that bloatware hate both users with a very good camera that promises a decent photographic section of praise.

The community is becoming more cunning, and have not even waited for the terminal’s released to, as we see in SamMobile, post on forums known some of their own applications, and some of funds outstanding terminal screen, as can be:

  • Note S6 S
  • S6 SystemUI
  • S6 and S6 Edge Lock screen and Wallpapers
  • Optical reader S6
  • S6 Geonews
  • S6 Gear Manager
  • S6 Gear Fit
  • Smart Remote S6
  • Smart Switch S6
  • Children

  • S6 mode

Notably, these applications work only with Samsung and Touchwiz Android devices Lollipop , since its purpose is that you, the users of a Galaxy S5 link to download the applications, and obtain the new version of the same that either will not come until the release of the new terminal, or ever will be updated and will not obtain the new design, features and news presented.


Of course wallpapers are open and available to anyone who wishes to apply them in their terminal because here we do not find any impediment and have free rein, of course that’s the intention our.

XDA | Applications Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung will update apps?

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  • Download wallpapers and apps from Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
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