Download The Elder Scrolls: Legends for Android (APK)

The Elder Scrolls is a well-known saga and a few months ago we hear that Bethesda would release a new The Elder Scrolls Legends for PC and mobile platforms what it means to have a game for Android and iOS.

Of right now both games are not available in final phase for mobile but the Android APK has been leaked and The Elder Scrolls Legends for Android is now available for download. Is the Beta version that has leaked in Google Play by mistake but its performance is good and is perfect for playing on a tablet.


why download The Elder Scrolls Legends for Android?

In reality The Elder Scrolls Legends is nothing more than a card game like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The best thing is that, in addition to copy the game from Blizzard (we can say that a pioneer in this sense), and has also copied their launch, platforms desktop and mobile.

to Launch a game that allows cross-play allows you to have a lot of players around the world and enjoy the title on all platforms. In the case of Hearthstone the operation is the same in PC than in mobile and you can actually play with the same account on both sides (this is not the first time that we play on our tablet and then in our Mac with the Blizzard game).

COUGH Legends is filtered on Google Play

we remind you that it is a beta so that the operation may not be perfect, but it is already close to its final release which means that it works properly and you can already test without any limitation. In the video you can see the operation of the game.

Obviously in spite of to be a style of game that we’ve seen a lot of lately its characters and skills are completely belonging to the saga The Elder Scrolls and that allows us to enjoy our favorite characters. When it is available on Google Play also you can download it from here, if it does not to download is that the moment you can only resort to the APK and it has not come to Google Play because they have deleted after I put it by mistake.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox

Links: → Visit Store → Search Google

If you want to download the game and install it using the link at the end of the article, use only that because it is the only one that you can be sure that is virus-free! . To install it you will only have to enable the installation of Sources or unknown Sources in your Android mobile, prepares space, because it is not the typical game that uses 2 or 3 MB.

Download | The Elder Scrolls Legends for Android (APK)

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