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The guys of Facebook Messenger have thought to add a functionality very interesting in their ranks: fast response. Since you have explained how the quick response, because we have already seen WhatsApp. So if you use Messenger regularly, and you have Android N, very soon you’ll be able to reply to messages from notifications, without having to enter within anything. do you Want to have it already? Download beta of Facebook Messenger by APK.

through the guys of Android Police we have learned from all of this. And is that as you already know, quick response of Android N allows us to respond immediately through notifications, because if we click, we will see that opens the keyboard for you to write what you want and press send.

descargar facebook messenger 74 respuesta rapida

Facebook Messenger adds quick reply

In Facebook Messenger you can download by APK, you can try the quick response. It is a beta, that is to say, you could find yourself with issues so you have to try it under your responsibility. However, if you have bugs you can always revert to a previous version, no problem.

If you have downloaded the beta Messenger, that you leave the link at the end of the article, in how much you receive a notification from Messenger look, because you should see what the previous image. Now you can reply instantly from the notification without having to switch between apps without having to open Messenger.

As other innovations, in this version of Messenger 74 we have also 1.500 emojis that now they are more modern., Either you can lose, to get the most out of the new Facebook Messenger You can try it now if you want.

Download Facebook Messenger for APK

you do Not have to wait more if you want to enjoy because of the quick response. You can download Facebook Messenger and activate the quick response. This you can do it from the Google Play as APK, through APK Mirror where I leave you the link to download. Note that to download the beta version, the version that we leave you below with a date of 2 June.

are You going to download? Did you receive the quick response, as we see in the photos of AP? Tell us friend.

Download | Messenger (Google Play) (APK Mirror)

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