Download the best stickers of Christmas and New Year for WhatsApp

One of the features that more has called the attention of the users in WhatsApp, of the many that were added this year, was the possibility of creating stickers own. This utility allowed thousands of developers to create their own stickers to share with other users on Android through the Play Store.

Today here we will show you the two best packs stickers for WhatsApp Christmas and New Year. Are stickers that allow you to congratulate your friends and family in a way different and fun.

Stickers of Christmas for WhatsApp

This application allows you to add more than 50 stickers christmas to your account from WhatsApp. They are very varied and are also a lot of quality. It should be noted that not only will you be able to find stickers of Santa Claus, or messages of “Merry Christmas”, then also you’ll be able to bump into stickers of foods of the time most awaited of the year. The most outstanding are the following:

  • All of Santa Claus.
  • Those who have phrases that say “Merry Christmas” and “Merry Christmas”.
  • Dishes typical foods of Christmas.
  • Reindeer holding posters with phrases.

Stickers New Year for WhatsApp

If you want to congratulate someone for the New Year, specifically by 2019, because when the New Year begins these stickers will not serve for years to come, this is the tool that you can download. The same gives you a pack of 50 stickers that are related to the arrival of the New Year. The stickers more prominent reference to these issues:

  • Phrases in which they are congratulations of the type “Happy New Year”.
  • Dishes and meals typical drinks of New Year.
  • Animals disguised for the occasion.
  • And many other more.

it should Be noted that to be able to use these stickers, you have to have the latest update of WhatsApp. In addition you must have a mobile phone with Android 4.2 as a minimum, so that these stickers can be used in the messaging application. To add such stickers the only thing you have to do is to download both apps, and then click on the “+” icon that is displayed to the side of each pack of sticker.

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