Download Plants War 2, a good strategy game for Android

Descargar Plants War 2 para Android

Plants War 2 for Android is a game that mix fantasy, fighting and much magic, because we will immerse ourselves in a world of color in which we will crush with everything that we put by the road. Form your army of plants, such as warriors, archers, mages… make the maximum of your skills and be the best. We tell you how to download Plants War 2 for Android and what is the game:

Plants War 2 – New strategy game for Android

what is Plants War 2? If not clear in the trailer, the story of the game is that you will have to protect the cosque Dryad to an invasion of animals that want to control the area, to do this, you’ll have that with a army plant in the that you’ll be mages, archers, warriors..

We have 5 game modes:

  • Dungeon: over 60 different platforms.
  • No limit of battle: conquest and earns honor points.
  • League – battle with other users, PvP.
  • Time Attack: collaborate with your friends to destroy the bases.
  • 3 vs 3: fight against each other in heroes ‘ vs mode heroes. They may participate, only the classes of green leaves. More RGP.

With all these game modes we’re going to spend pump. You’ll have to lead your army plant, you can make very strong. Don’t miss the video to see the potential of the game, because for sure that you like. It pure real-time strategy!

Download Plants War 2 for Android

If you want to download this great game with which you’ll have fun sure, now you can. Do not hesitate to download Plants War 2 for Android, completely free. Of course, we will have in-app purchases within the game to be better, and also so that the developers profit for their incredible work.

Is a strategy game, with which you have to destroy the enemy base. Have fun with 5 game modes, and tell us in the comments with what you get. It is perfect to play, but eye, because you’ll be able to hook up.

What do you think of the game? We love it, but hope not to get us hooked or to see who you all the novelties of today Android.

Download | Plants War 2

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