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Pelismagnet is an alternative to Popcorn Time comes to Android, but eye because this app may be illegal in your country, that you will have to look at it with magnifying glass. And is that you already know how this is going, does not cease to be a service illegal of movies unlimited, which you’ll be able to see them without paying a hard. This app is already available for Android, so if you want to download Pelismagnet for Android and test to see how it works, you’re in luck because we’ll talk about it.

Pelismagnet, the Popcorn Time in Spanish

Pelismagnet gives us an interesting content platform. The best part is that everything is in English (no Latin or doublings rare). A total of more than 6,000 movies. And by something, they themselves are defined as the alternative to Popcorn Time, but in Spanish. What gives you a dose of interest.

pelismagnetThe app Pelismagnet is well. Displays the content in Material Design in a color medium violet / blue. And we found a menu and ordered by categories of movies rated, new releases, popular… Has a very good pint, and you can access what you want at the flick of a click. It also has series. You can use the search option to find the movie or series you’re looking for, don’t have loss.

This service is available for Windows, and it can also be run from the browser. But today, we have a big news, because the app Pelismagnet comes to Android and already you can download it. Go on, you’ll be able to run Pelismagnet both on your smartphone like tablet. It is great! Although if you expect a link to Google Play, I am afraid that there will be no such luck for not being legal at all.

Download Pelismagnet for Android

Remember use this app under your own responsibility, because if it is not in the Google Play is for something, does not cease to be a service illegal. From the web that we leave below the link, you’ll be able to to grab the APK of Pelismagnet. What a enjoy!

descargar pelismagnet have You tried Pelismagnet? What do you think?

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