Download Google Play Store 5.12.9 for Android [APK]

Descargar Google Play Store 5.12.9 para Android

3 weeks after the latest version of the Google Play Store, comes to us Play Store 5.12.9, which we can already download for Android. Diving in the code we have seen strings of functionalities that would come soon, and that we show below. You have no excuse for download Google Play Store 5.12.9 for Android APK:

New Google Play Store 5.12.9

What is certain is that as we have the guys from Android Police, we don’t appreciate visual changes or relevant features, but if we have seen important data in the code:

  • family Library: we have seen strings on a possible family library. That is to say, that there would be the possibility of creating family, see family, manage family members, remove a member… and much more. The goal seems to be to have a library with family members, in which buy-and-store content for everyone. Thus to create an oriented library, to us, of the that easily catch content. Will have to see if you can include filters, so that the children do not have access to certain things.

nfc en Google Play Store 5.12.9

  • Gifts: everything indicates that we will be able to make gifts with Gifting, since we have seen strings with the functionality of send gift, send gift to a particular recipient, include a message, and much more. This means that we could make the gifts more personalized applications, although Google has not made it official, so we have to wait.
  • Support for NFC card: the strings also indicate that we will be able to read a card, turn on NFC, and many more options. That is to say, a direct access to play cards with NFC in a more simple and intuitive.

Diving in the code we find these 3 features, which are quite juicy, so we hope without a doubt with arms wide open.

you can Already download the Google Play Store 5.12.9 for Android

wait No more and go ahead to download Google Play Store 5.12.9 for Android by APK, thanks to the guys from APK Mirror. It really seems that apparently you won’t see anything new, but there are interesting changes that are coming and apply soon. For now this is all we have.

we will Update when we have new data.

Download | Google Play Store 5.12.9 for Android

What do you think of this new version? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments.

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