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With the advent of social networking types Instagram or Snapchat, we have seen how it has popularized the use of filters in the photographs more than ever. Applications such as MSQRD succeed in online stores, but there is another that was only available for iOS, which now comes to the Google Play Store and that also gives a lot to talk about. We’re talking of course of Face Swap Live, that we download to Android in its original version.

These new filters, always done by means of software, are not new but have replaced the now “retro” glass filters that use dslr cameras, and which were placed on the target, but there are a few in particular that do so, and that we take a laugh once in a while: exchanged faces. With Face Swap Live we can do it in Android.

Face Swap Live for Android

We have seen Donald Trump with the face of Hilary Clinton, and vice versa, many actors and actresses with your face on a body that is not theirs, and even to pets who exchanged all four feet and become bipedal. All this is thanks to Face Swap Live for Android.

You now Face Swap Live was only available for iOS in the App Store, although to the delight of many Android users as we can download directly from the Google Play Store, for quite a low price.

What is wrong is that your version is not yet very stable, and from time to time when it is closed. It also causes some problems with Android N, so my personal recommendation is you try it and, if you’re not convinced, return it by the traditional method.

Is of payment, but it is worth

WP-Appbox: Face Swap Live (0,99 $, Google Play) →

don’t waste a second more and exchange your face with your couple, with your family or with your friends thanks to this interesting application for Android. For just 1,09 euros you can download Face Swap Live and pass a good time this summer.

what have You already tried Face Swap Live for Android?

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