Download DuckDuckGo for Android, a search engine, very safe


The philosophy of Duck Duck Go is the key: does not collect data from its users do you Just like the philosophy of Google, right? This search engine, which was born in 2008, is ideal for those who do not like the monopoly of Google. If you’ve tried in your desktop version, you will love it in your mobile version.

although the name is a little strange -well, not something, is really weird-, the search engine works works luxury. This search engine uses the APIS of major search engines, such as for example the API of Yahoo, the search engine that Microsoft uses by default.

DuckDuckGo Buscador Android

The mobile version I’m not quite sure if it is native or if your default is a frame, but even if not it works very well with fluency and elegance.

If you’re used to using Google the truth is that we’re not going to find a great difference, and it is that, despite the order in which is displayed the webs, it just doesn’t change anything. And it has, so to speak, of the same features. Shows us likewise the weather, we do mathematical calculations, shows us maps, converts currencies, etc.- this is called smart search-. Why the name is very curious: the creator came up with the idea and I thought it was funny.

Say that use this browser is like using the incognito mode of Google constantly. DuckDuckGo does not record any information of ours or for its own benefit or for the benefit of you. And is that Google collects our data claiming we can thus obtain a search that is more suited to our profile.

And no, do not think that this search engine is used by thousand people only. DuckDuckGo has a community behind incredible, so big that any problem is fixed right away.

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