Download Doze in the Play Store, and saves more battery

Descargar Doze para Android

¿you Know that you can download Doze for Android? But not the same Doze of Marshmallow, but that is an application which arrives to the Google Store by YirgaLab. Doze is an app that will allow us to save battery power, but works in a similar way and at the same time different Doze of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. We tell you what’s going on this application and how to download Doze for Android:

What is the app to Doze in the Google Play

Doze is an application that lives in the Google Play Store from a little while ago. How does Doze? When the screen is off (e.g. mobile locked), Doze prevents applications from sending or receiving data, without turning off the data or Wi-Fi network, being able to to choose what applications we want to add to the list in this way Doze. The Interface is something similar to the following:

Descargar Doze para Android

is The purpose of this Doze? Save your battery, by removing the applications in the background that we want, so we will not receive notification of the same. You get to add more hours on standby time. And with the advantage that the applications can to resume normal activity how much the user turn on the screen.

This application from the Doze that we can download in the Google Play, it’s not a bad idea to squeeze out more battery of our mobile phones, and what is good is that we don’t need to be root to use it.

Is a kind of “airplane mode” (very much in quotes) that is activated after leaving our mobile still. The only downside, is that many users complain about not able to receive calls, so they ask these guys Doze that solved, and other improvements that you will see in the tab of the comments.

Differences with Doze Marshmallow

  • This application of Doze is available for most versions of Android 4.1+.
  • Is based on Google Doze, but the developers themselves define it as a function of improved and more powerful.
  • you Can activate Doze when you want to (in Marshmallow is automatic).
  • With the screen on, the applications resumed their normal activity.

don’t hesitate download Doze for Android in Google Play, totally free. It occupies just 2 MB, so that is a wonder. In addition, it has a 4.2 note on the Google Play, which shows that the community is happy and yes you are able to save extra battery.

We recommend that you try Greenify if you want to save battery power, a Doze enhanced. We love it! Also, you can have Doze on your Android Lollipop.

What do you think of this application of Doze to improve the battery on your Android without the need of Marshmallow? Do you feel like to download Doze for Android? We’ll leave you the link.

Download | Doze in the Google Play

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