Download Don’t Starve with a 20% discount on the Google Play

dont starve pocket edition

From today we can download Don’t Starve with a 20% discount on the Google Play, though for a limited time. The popular game created by Keli Entertainment, which already has over 5 million players from all over the world, is lowered for a time in the online store of Google. A mix between the protagonist of the the Corpse Bride, Victor Van Dort, and the mind of Tim Burton come together in this peculiar game.

Download Don’t Starve with a 20% discount

Another great offer comes to the Google Play. For a while we can download Don’t Starve Pocket Edition for Android from the Google Play. Specifically, the discount is 20%, which reduces its price up to 3,69 euro, a bargain considering all the fun out of this game.

Don’t Starve is a survival game, where you will have to help to survive the scientific and knight Wilson Percival, who has been captured by a dark shade and gloomy. This monster has led to a world full of enemies, who will try to end their lives when it gets dark.

From the first minute you’ll have to learn to survive in a new land for you to explore the world in search of food and materials to survive, and all sorts of objects with which to defend ourselves and hunt down the animals that inhabit this dark world. A mix between Age of Empires and Minecraft very well balanced.

The hours of the night will be the worst in Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, because you have to learn how to defend yourself from everything around you, without leaving of course to get new materials, and food to survive. I assure you that youll have a great time with this interesting game for Android.

Download for 3,96 €

If you like adventure games, survival and a touch a little gloomy, Don’t Starve is for you. Use this offer to save a few euros and enjoy hours of fun on your Android smartphone.

Download | Don’t Starve Pocket Edition in the Google Play

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What did you similar to Don’t Starve Pocket Edition for Android? Did you download taking advantage of this discount of 20% on the original price?

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