Download Djay 2 for Android by 0.10 euro cents

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There are few DJ applications for Android, but one of the more complete is djay2. There are several options in addition to djay2 but this has a special charm, and then I will tell you why.

why choose djay2 before other options? In the first place because it is one of the most professional and secondly because like djay Pro for Mac, the only one of its category, allows us to djing with the songs on Spotify (always and when we don’t have a Spotify account-free).

Djay 2 on offer for just € 0.10

Now, Djay 2 is on sale for a price of laughter. Normally we use our tablet to create a small session with friends and Djay 2 is the app perfect, because it has a lot of controls and possibilities for mixing music.

Obviously is not the same as using directly a table of mixtures but we do have to mention that the results of djing with Djay 2 are very good in comparison to the other solutions that we found for Android and we also have that possibility, to use our music or use the entire library of Spotify.

Djay 2 allows us to blend with the music of Spotify on Android

The best thing is that Djay 2 is compatible with some consoles and it’s going to be very intuitive in case you do not have it. It is compatible with the Reloop BeatPad 2, Reloop Mixon 4 and the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4 DJ, tables are a little expensive. Now, without them, we’re going to make perfectly without any problems.

djay2-para-tabletIs a good choice for mix in our tablet and since then is a lot of fun, our friends are going to hallucinate when we connect our mobile phone or tablet to your computer and do a session as a professional.

The software of this company is usually very easy to use and that means that we do many things in little time with little learning. It is very fun, if you like and want to download then we’ll leave you the link to do so.

WP-Appbox: djay 2 (3,33 $, Google Play) →

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