Download Angry Birds Action! for Android, a game style pinball

Download Angry Birds Action! for Android, a game style pinball

Angry Birds Action

In 2 weeks, specifically on may 13, the famous birds of Angry Birds coming to the big screen. As you already know, that day saw the launch of the highly anticipated film, and with it, iran getting surprises. Few days ago we tell you how to get the emojis of the Angry Birds to Skype, and now, we see that this film has its official video game. So if you want to download Angry Birds Action! for Android, you’re in luck because it is possible.

Angry Birds Action! Discover the official game

This movie of Angry Birds already has official video: Angry Birds Action! of course it is starring our favorite characters (birds and pigs). It is a game type pinball, that has no waste whatsoever, and that you could be playing right now, so that you end up reading this that you have. It is best that you take a look at the following video, to know that we did not lie when you say that it’s great:

We met some graphics that call attention to themselves, are great. And in addition, as we have seen in the video sure, we see lots of fun and dynamism. We will not be able to stop playing.

But what will Angry Birds Action!? You have been told that this game is style pinball, but it is not the purpose exact. What we have to do is to launch the birds toward the egg, in order to rescue them. All this through the game of pinball. We have to 90 levels. A long game, which could grow over time if successful.

Download Angry Birds Action! (it’s free)

While you wait for these two weeks for the movie, you can prove it, and in the end is free and you can already download from the Google Play, so all are advantages. We leave below the link, and remember that if you have any questions or problems with the game you can leave us a message through the comments, you will help you happy. By now you have a 4 of note in the Google Play, users of media are delighted. Try it!

What do you think of the game Angry Birds Action!? Did you expect more? Do you feel like the film?

Download | Angry Birds Action! (Google Play)

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