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Angry Birds Action

Angry Birds Action! is now available in the Google Play and we also have available the APK. If you’re a fan of the boys of Rovio, sure that you want to immerse yourself in a new story surrounded by birds. And is that not everything is going to be a Clash Royale, because there are other games truly amazing as you can be new of Rovio, which we can already find in Google Play and APK Mirror surrounded with all sorts of opinions. – do you Want to get the game for Android? Find out.

Angry Birds Action! comes to Android, what makes it special?

With Angry Birds Action! you’ll be able to enjoy more than ever of the game, with a style arcade. In the following images, we can get an idea of the scenario that awaits us. We’ll just have to go forward as always, but this time in a new story.

angry birds action

  • Find treasure maps and work with friends and other players. This is one of the most special of Angry Birds Action!, because you’ll be able to form teams and get great rewards.
  • Unlock buildings. Grow your city.
  • Launches better than ever. Collect items along the way. You need to be very skillful.
  • Internet connection. I have read many comments of complaints by users on the Internet connection, but the game requires it.

Download Angry Birds Action! (APK or Google Play)

Many users in the comments have stated that the game is closed, or even open. The guys from Rovio seem to have fixed with the last update. We will leave the link below for the discover, it is stable, so if you want to download Angry Birds Action! for Android wait no more. If it doesn’t work, leave us a comment. Also I leave the APK below.

Important, it might not work

We have not been able to test by now, so you might find that can’t install on any of your devices. Is possible that in the next few hours to work. We will be pending, because they do not put anything that not work in our country, so that it could be the device or os (in my case Nexus 6S with Android). We will continue to investigate.

angry birds action problemasDownload | Angry Birds Action! (Google Play)

If you prefer, you can use APK | Angry Birds Action! (APK Mirror)

What do you think the new Rovio? Do you satisfied? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments if you’ve been able to enjoy it.

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