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There are several qualities that domain must have to be considered good. A distinct name, short, easy to remember without hyphens and contains a word that users seek in your browser. The most famous and most expensive areas in the world, all of them, and has become a real business for buyers and for those who have put them on sale.


The world of porn, sex and insurance and investment occupy the first positions list of domains for more money is paid to their owners:

  1. sex. com : Apparently only been sold for € 13 million speculated several months after returning to be sold. It was bought by Escom 10.5 million euros, a company that went bankrupt in 2006.
  2. insure. com : Maste this page intended for sale of all types of insurance acquired by € 12 million year 2009 by the company QuinStreet
  3. . funds. com : sold for € 7.5 million in 2008 to the parent company, advises this site on investment and rapid transport of large amounts of money [. 1999027]
  4. porn. com : you know it goes this domain. It was put up for sale for 7 million and acquired in 2007 by a company called NZ Limited after a hard bid.
  5. business. com : sold in 1999 € 5.5 million to eCompanies Ventures. Used to enter the world of business.
  6. diamond. com : sold by € 5500000 in 2006 to, meets one of the most comprehensive jewelry and watches online directories [1,999,027. ]
  7. beer. com : the most alcoholic of all domain list. It was sold in 2004 for € 5.2 million to Commercial Beer Company. With it you can visit many websites dedicated to the sale of liquor.
  8. Israelis. com sold in 2004 € 4.3 million to an anonymous buyer. In it you can find many hotels, travel, etc., in Israel.
  9. casino. com Online Casino Mansion Gibraltar paid for it € 4.1 million in 2003.
  10. toys. com . recently acquired by the famous toy Toys’R’Us you paid for it € 3700000

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