Does your brother-in-law is not silent? Here are 5 apps for you to learn

The worst thing of the dinner of christmas Eve is to have to endure our brother-in-law. Always know more than us, they get the best deals and, certainly, your applications are the best. Or so they believe, because with these five apps you will leave to your brother-in-law without words. do you Want to be the king of the Christmas dinner?

5 applications that you need to teach your brother-in-law at the dinner of christmas Eve

How Many times have we heard our brother-in-law to say that our applications have nothing to do against yours? Always have the best option, the one that works best and the top get free. Until we teach these five applications.

My Bookmarks

we Know that your brother-in-law is not separated from the television if you throw a sport. But, do you know as much as you do with this application? With it, you can know the lineups of the games before anyone else and even the most curious of the prior, such that neither your own brother-in-law knows.

But not only focuses on football. It also has a wide coverage of sports, among which included the ski jumps so typical of these dates, and with that we got up in January. Now will you be the one who knows most about sports in the christmas Eve dinner.


If there is something that you are going to do this christmas Eve, and that your brother-in-law give you more the sing, will be singing. Yes, it is inevitable, but this time you can avoid to stay behind. And is that Musixmatch is an essential application to make the evening a karaoke.

in Addition, it has a new party mode with the experience of the karaoke goes to a new level, showing the letters as you go through the song. You will only have to connect your mobile phone to some speakers and… so take your brother-in-law of the feast!

Social Drive

Another of the classics of the in-laws and christmas Eve is that you tell us how you have gotten rid of this or that fine, or how to elude radars which professionals. However, this time you have a foolproof gun to make him shut up.

Talk of Social Drive, an application is not very well known, but which has become essential in my day-to-day. We reports of traffic jams, traffic, accidents and any other mishap on the roads. I Adelántante to your brother-in-law, and never to fall on a radar!

House Google

If you’re tired of your brother-in-law of presumption of making better pictures than you, there is only one way of callarle: with better photos. Even if your mobile does not have a good camera, you can remedy this by installing the Camera Google, which improves the quality of the photos you take.

With this application, we can make photos with HDR+, videos in slow motion with better stabilization and even take photos with less noise at night. Your brother-in-law can’t do anything against that. You can install it by following the steps in this tutorial.

SpotOn Alarm

The fifth application is not precisely to teach it to your brother-in-law. At least, not yet. And nothing bothers me more than getting up early on Christmas, right? Download now SpotOn Alarm, set an alarm with the song with the most kickass of your playlists from Spotify, and let your brother-in-law to have a “pleasant awakening christmas”. you are Sure that you will love!

If this christmas Eve to teach these five apps to your brother-in-law will be the absolute owner of the night. Are you prepared to make you mad?

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