Does the Google Pixel will not have home button?


a few days Ago in this video, we were able to see the Google Pixel filtering without button on the front. However, the photos that leaked of the Google Pixel had the front, where goes the button, blurry, as if he were hiding something. However, it did not take long to leave the rumours, saying that this home button is totally a lie, because these filter feeders as they did in many terminals, put a home button, eventually it ended up bringing from the factory.

All signals and points, these new terminals Google will not have home button. We can’t confirm it 100%, but the buzz is what they point to.


Google Pixel does not have home button

we don’t want the Google Pixel bring home button, because the Nexus was never necessary to have a physical button in the front. It really is absurd to have the finger sensor in the rear. Therefore, this physical button on the Google Pixel or Pixel XL would be a fake. In the picture above we can clearly see, this is the new Pixel with home button, but it could be totally false.

There’s that wait to the 4 of October, date in which will be launched to the market the new Pixel Google and you’ll be able to buy them. That day we will know everything with security, rather than keep throwing rumors in the air.

We have spent many days with the controversy around whether there will be any physical button. We could say that we are at a 75% chance of no and 25% yes, but you never know until the end. A lot can happen. What Google has decided, so be it. Remember, that in the video that will leave you in the first link has not been seen trail of the[button19459004] for very hidden that was.

on The 4th of October we will confirm this to 100%

Just wait until the 4 of October to be able to know 100%. Everything indicates that indeed we will not have home button, but you never know the surprises that await us just around the corner.

what do You think?

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